About Solomon Mac-Auley

A Director with an unquenchable passion for filmmaking. A strong believer of digital technology with vast knowledge in Hollywood’s techniques, style, software, and technical know-how. Producer/Director/Actor/Presenter, with over 15 years working experience on stage, Film, Television and Radio.

Solomon Mac-Auley, has discovered that, what the Hollywood veterans are in no hurry to tell digital Moviemakers is that, if you care passionately for the craft of Filmmaking, if you know what they know and you shoot how they do, your digital movie project could be near as pretty as theirs, if not on equal footing. For him, innovation, constant improvement and update on technology, is key to any director who knows what he or she is doing.

His quest for excellence and knowledge of what makes Hollywood tick, and a desire to see the Nigerian movie industry improve,  has motivated Mac-Auley into deep research and study of  Film/TV Production and distribution Techniques that will satisfy that goal. His quest  garnered him technical skills from pre-production to distribution.

His entrepreneurial mindset, has also grasped him a good understanding of the new media industry, like how Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, work to the utmost advantage of the 21st century filmmaker.

To his directorial credits are, ‘Tango’, a television series, ‘Violence Against Women’, a short film and ‘In A Lifetime’, a feature film.

Solomon Mac-Auley is also the Managing Director of QNX LTD, a Media content providing Company and the African Strategic Partner with Eggup Film Distribution Technology.


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