Making Money As A Creative Professional

Hello Creative friends. This is my first post on  subjects that are very dear to my heart. I am a filmmaker; an Artiste. I want to share my ideas with every passionate Artiste out there who wants to make a living selling their creative works to the right audience. I mean, musician, singers, song writers, and with special emphasis on filmmakers.

If your dream is to be able to find a market for your product and sale your work, and you are looking for ideas on how to do so, you have come to the right place. Also if you are seek ways to improve your craft, you are welcome. I am claiming to know everything and that I have tried everything. But I am committed to finding what will work for you and for me.

And if you have any ideas as to how to find an audience, where to go to find them, engage them and make them buy your work, please feel free to share we me. I have written on the subject on how to build your business as a filmmaker. I will also talk more on that here. thank you for you time.


About Solomon Mac-Auley

A Film Director with an unquenchable passion for Filmmaking.
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